Stories from the Social Side (E-book) Jennifer Radke, SMS

  • Social media changes quickly and professionals are often left to fend for themselves and figure out the best way of doing things to keep their brand relevant. This collection of advice, best practices, tips, and interviews from more than thirty social media professionals allow readers the opportunity to look behind the screen and take some of the guess work out of their job. This collection is intended to start a conversation, within a community, where social media marketing professionals can look to each other for words of wisdom and support. The road may be fairly new, but there are folks who have been travelling this path for more than 10 years now. We hope that readers can learn from them, connect with them online, and ultimately grow in their own professional journey. Stories from the Social Side offers insight for those just starting to think about a career in social media, to those who are veterans in this space. It also offers helpful tips and advice to hiring managers trying to determine what to look for in their next social media hire. Here is a sample of what you can expect to find inside:
    • How did these experts get started and what do they recommend you do to be successful.
    • How to excel as a social media professional.
    • What social media platforms they found successful and why.
    • Keeping yourself healthy and happy in a 24/7 connected world.
  • 212 pages