Advisory Board Application

The National Institute for Social Media is currently accepting applications for positions on our prestigious Industry Advisory Board.

The following is a brief description of our open board requirements. The term is 2 years, beginning January 1st of each year. While we take applications all year round, the interviews will not begin until the fall.


  1. Complete the SMS exam (at no cost). While you are not required to pass the exam, we do ask that all of our board members experience the exam and welcome you to attend a prep course prior to your exam if you are interested.
  2. Attend monthly or every other month meetings as positions require – Executive board meets 12 times a year and the full board meets 6 times per year. (Video recordings are available)
  3. Write 2 blogs posts (1 per year) minimum.
  4. Advocate for NISM – We have free resources, promotions, prep classes…a variety of things for our community. We ask that you share these resources by:
    • Sharing them on your social media sites
    • Engaging with NISM posts (liking, commenting, sharing, tagging)

    While we certainly don’t expect you to promote everything we offer every time it’s available, we do ask that you help us share what we offer. And we will help remind you in monthly meetings and via email – especially if there is something important we need your help promoting.

  5. Create a battery of new test questions. Every other year, the board will be broken into groups by content domain and asked to write exam questions (to be used on our exam or practice exams). We will provide more details on that at a later date!
  6. Review an assigned portion of the SMS exam with at least one other member of the committee.
  7. Make recommendations for changes as needed to keep up with recent changes in the social media industry.
  8. Review information as necessary (disputes, test reviews) – It’s rare, but if someone has a dispute regarding their exam or may request special permission to take the exam a third time. In those cases, the Advisory Board will be asked to hear their case and respond. As needed, additional guidance will be provided.
  9. Other opportunities are made available throughout the year and brought to the board for review.
Applications will be reviewed and a follow up interview will be conducted before selections are made. Thank you for considering the NISM board!
NISM tests students on 6 different areas of study. Please check your top 3 areas of expertise.(Required)