2021 NISM Social Media Job Report

NISM conducted its first job study in 2011, before Vine existed and when people were still poking each other on Facebook. It conducted its second job study in 2016, when everyone pronounced video the wave of the future – no matter what platform you were on. NISM’s third job study arrives in 2019, with Facebook still leading in popularity, Instagram continually gaining ground, and video – yes still video – filling the landscape on every platform. So what does the career landscape for a social media marketer look like in 2021?

What has changed in social media?

The following is our fourth job study. It arrives at the end of a global pandemic, so we are even more excited to contribute what we learned to the marketing community. We also partnered with Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota to gather industry data, deepening our understanding of the social media workforce across the United States.  

If this is your first review of a job study it is important to know its goals.  A job study seeks to understand the work that professionals are doing in the field, how they’re being compensated, and any trends that are emerging. The work is, of course, a reflection of the platforms and the people who use them. If more people use Instagram, more social media professionals learn about and specialize in Instagram. If short videos gain popularity and have excellent stats, social media professionals learn how to create and use them in their strategic plans. In this study we aim to show you the current trends, educational experiences, salaries, expectations and challenges. 

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