2019 NISM Social Media Job Report

In 2019, the National Institute for Social Media conducted its third job study to answer key questions about the role of social media strategists in today’s workplace. The goal of the study was to gather information about the primary responsibilities of social media strategists in a variety of work settings across the United States by asking current social media marketing professionals about the work they do as well as exploring what job skills hiring managers are seeking. The information collected here and in previous studies, is used to shape the direction of the Social Media Strategist (SMS) certification exam.

What’s included in the Job Study

The 2019 study has a few exciting new additions – and we kept what people liked the most about the previous job study. To continue to support social media professionals and hiring managers, we wanted to expand our research to include not only what social media professionals are doing, but also what hiring managers are looking for. We partnered with the Social Media Research Association and not only surveyed social media professionals, but compiled data from recent social media job posts to identify what key terms were most often requested. The job study includes · A summary of our most recent social media job survey, including the importance of and time spent on the items covered in the SMS exam · A list of keywords found in job posts, organized by job level · Salary findings from job posts and other resources The goal of the 2019 NISM Job Study is to provide readers with multiple views of today’s social media job market that will support the continued evolution of social media marketing as a critical element for any business. Get your copy today.

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