The Benefits Of Twitter for Mobile

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Twitter for mobile is a different way to tweet than using Twitter on your computer but it holds many different benefits than the computer version.  Of course for some it can simply come down to personal preference as to which one they like better.  And for some who do not have a smart phone they don’t have a choice but for those who do this will illustrate why Twitter for mobile is a better option than the desktop version.  Below are just a few of the benefits of Twitter mobile and why you need it for your business marketing plan.

It is Completely Mobile

You can’t always have your laptop or desktop computer with you but you always have your phone or tablet so you can tweet when you want.  If you have a business trip or are on a vacation you don’t have to wait until you get home to use your twitter.  You have it with you so you can still post your tweets to you followers no matter how long you are gone from your office.  Twitter is not like Facebook where you can set up scheduled status updates so if you don’t have your Twitter with you there is no way that you can post your regular tweets.  This could cost you money in the long run particularly if you own a small business.

Gain More Followers

Because you can tweet when and where you want when you are mobile you can gain more followers because of your consistency.  You cannot hope to gain any more followers so it is important to stay connected at all times on Twitter.  When you are consistent your current followers will retweet you and their followers will start following you as a result.  This does not happen when you take time off from tweeting when you are not at a computer.  There is no downside to having a mobile form of Twitter when it comes to acquiring new followers.

Instantly Connect with Followers

If you want to stay connected with you followers on a continual basis then you need to have a mobile Twitter account on your smart phone.  When your followers ask you a question you can immediately respond which is much better than your customers having to wait until you get to a computer.  This is the best form of customer service and your followers will appreciate the immediacy of your response.  You could actually lose followers if you take your time and don’t respond quickly to their questions or comments.

If you want to make the most out of your Twitter marketing strategy then you must have Twitter mobile so you can always be connected.  You will gain more followers because you are always online and you can instantly connect with them.  It is important to be completely mobile particularly when you are on vacation or when you are not in the office.  You can’t always take your computer with you so you need to have a way to connect.

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