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One of the things I find so fascinating about the Social Media Marketing space is that it demands that I keep on learning.

There is always a new feature to test, another conference to book or another online course to invest in.

Countless opportunities I get to learn, apply and then teach to my peers.

Social Media and the way we now consume our education has created a level playing field for those who have marketing degrees and those who do not.

I know this because it was shared by a hiring manager at a successful customer acquisition marketing agency here in Northeast Florida.

In my estimation, education and access to information will never get old. This has presented a unique opportunity for someone like me and anyone else who wants to learn and develop skills they can bring into the marketplace.

As a Social Media professional I have to adapt myself to paying attention to both the internal demands of an organization and all of the external factors that are ever-changing in this industry. This profession demands constant growth and good instincts.

An expert who stops learning will likely not be an expert too long.


Developing a habit of learning is crucial for Social Media professionals. There is no lack of information on the internet and it is easy to lose track of the time while consuming low quality content.

Here are some of habits that help me stay relevant as a Social Media pro.

Facebook Groups – Find and join niche-specific Facebook groups where you feel you can learn and engage in meaningful conversations with other members. What I found is that by doing this, you are sending signals to the platform to continue to send you content from those groups when you browse on your newsfeed.  Facebook groups are a growing trend. It’s there where I’m finding, connecting and collaborating with others and where I get relevant information for my brands. It’s there where you create community.

Local Meetup Groups – While online learning is convenient, I make it a habit of attending industry-specific gatherings that might be taking place locally or where I attend in person when I’m traveling.  There is something about getting around people who you can look at in the eyes without a computer screen in the middle. There’s a wealth of opportunities to learn at smaller, local events that are cost-effective and most of the times free to attend.

Invest In Expert Training & Coaching – If you want to be considered a Social Media Expert, you must first be an expert at learning. In this space, if you fail to learn even for 3 months you will likely not be an expert for too long. Investing in the latest courses and personal development books are part of my personal development strategy.


It is important to point out that while opportunities to learn are all around us, I have to filter what I need to be learning. Do not fall into the forever student mindset. Don’t let your mind trick you into thinking you are making progress without any measurable action. Changes in the Social Media landscape can create fear of the unknown and our minds are genius at finding ways to evade fear and discomfort.

Learn to get comfortable taking measured risks implementing your new findings.

Happy learning!

Author: Danny Monzon

Bilingual Digital Marketing Consultant



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