Laura Brandt, SMS

Laura loves to tell a story.  Everyone has a story – people, nonprofits, and businesses. As a LinkedIn Strategist, she helps communicate these stories by building a professional online presence and strategizing how the LinkedIn community can be used to advance a career or mission.

Having spent 30 years in nonprofit work, she found a deep love for higher education. Working in alumni relations and fundraising, Laura brought together students, employees, alumni, and donors. The result – changed lives.

Developer, Analytical and Connectedness are among her top 5 strengths as listed in the CliftonStrenths (a.k.a. StrengthsFinder):

  • Stretching people’s thoughts, help them grow, and experiencing success
  • Uncovering what excellence is and how it can be attained
  • Building bridges between people – showing them how they can relate to and rely on each other

Today, Laura still changes lives by helping people understand and harness that power by helping them to effectively tell their story through profiles that stand out and build a community of support.