Amy Got On A Plane: NISM Goes to Bahrain

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Amy Jauman, our Chief Learning Officer, recently returned from a trip to Bahrain to teach the Social Media Strategist Certification Prep Course. Sixteen students attended this class, the second one held in Bahrain.

I composed this little poem about her trip  just for some fun, and we decided to share it here.

Amy Got On A Plane

Amy got on a plane,
On a plane to Bahrain.

She talked and she talked about social media,
We swear she’s a walking verbal encyclopedia.

Her students learned social media strategy 101,
Showing how planning can be more than just fun.

Teaching community management online,
They learned that to build and engage is sublime.

She told them strategic planning is a must,
We all know that life without goals is a bust.

Marketing and communications are key,
If her students want to work for more than just free.

Project management can be challenging, yes,
But she showed them the steps to make theirs the best.

Research and analysis, she relentlessly stressed,
Are essential for social media success.

They faced compliance and governance, oh my!
Don’t be afraid, despite the glossary, you won’t die.

Amy, the NISM CLO and our queen of SMS,
Steps back on a plane to return to the U.S.

The students of Bahrain wave with tears in their eyes,
They know that her coming has enlightened their lives.


Photo credit: Mohammed Alsmahiji


Teri Kojetin is the Administrative Services Manager for NISM (National Institute for Social Media). Teri has a background that ranges from teaching in Mexico as a missionary for 15 years, administrative services for 12 years and 4 years of community management in social media agencies before landing at NISM where she combines both her administrative and social media skills.

Teri has been involved in non-profit charitable organizations in both a volunteering capacity and campaign management. Teri believes that providing all-around support to others, along with an attitude of learning and living out your passion, leads to fulfillment and success both for others and for herself. When she isn’t working, Teri enjoys journaling, painting, cooking, camping and spending time with her mini me granddaughter.
You can learn more about her on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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